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A child's best friend!

We, at AZOTUS, believe that experiential learning is an integral part of a child’s upbringing. Children need a platform to unleash their creativity, to understand and appreciate the learning through a reflection of doing. We believe in providing an all-inclusive environment to the students, necessary for their wholesome development. It makes sense that parents and guardians need professional insight, to understand their child even better and thereby guiding them to overcome the challenges of growing up.

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With Efficiency to More Opportunities

Compassion for providing quality education assistance to children led to the foundation of AZOTUS. Also, considering the fact that children have their own way of understanding and learning things, we have come up with a three-dimensional approach wherein a child can have hands-on learning experiences and which eventually would ensure his/her overall development. We have a clear vision to be a source of Practical based learning for a child’s mental growth thereby creating a hub for them to observe, learn and explore their inner capabilities.

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