Why I’m crazy about worksheets!!

A a mentor cum Parent, I would say that undoubtedly a printed page that a child attempts with a writing device having a series of interesting segments like multiple choice questions, corresponding exercises, calligraphy practice, colouring sheets, fill in the blank, word hunts and mind-benders, math problem!! is indeed a good idea. Worksheets. The truth is that “worksheets” is one of those terms that stimulates up a lot of reaction and emotions among educators. Actually, Iget pretty good and ordinary thoughts up about worksheets.  I don’t at all think that it’s a wrong thing to teach kids for a few minutes and finish or do a simple paper-pencil assignment.  And when it comes to young kids, spending 30 minutes doing the worksheet is a good decision.

Sometimes, a worksheet is all that will do.  When my children have created alphabets in a variety of hands-on ways, it’s now time to practice writing them more and more. I definitely would need a handwriting worksheet for that purpose. When kids have discovered math concepts in a worksheet may be helpful for an additional practice to establish the concept in his mind.

 In my opinion, an occasional worksheet doesn’t hurt. A lot many educators would be upset with me on this one, but I still respect their opinion. What I think that is when worksheets are exceptionally available, so to say not like a compulsion or rule its sort of okay for the pre-schoolers it’s okay. I do think that we should never force the young children unwillingly do the worksheets.  If your kid or pre-schoolers are not interested in doing the worksheets, simply put it away.  You may also find that your pre-schooler is eager about solving few worksheets but resists himself solving few other, then please support the child.

Worksheets might prove to be a beneficial assessment tool. If your kid is doing a worksheet on a concept-based skill, you will observe what he understands and what you need to actually understand. In the early infantile community, however some educators affirm saying that worksheets are unsuitable resources for this age bracket and may not interest a child for a very long time.

My kids enjoy doing the worksheets. Hold on, if my kids want to sit at the table while I’m making dinner and do a few worksheets, I don’t have any issue with that, it can be relaxing for them and me as well. I don’t have time to establish big hands-on learning or activity centres while the cooker is on the stove, the younger one is crying, so that way if my child is learning something substantial, I appreciate the arrangements made and the resources available

 A Parent or teacher needs to be wise enough to decide what’s best for the kid. As a Parent I say, if you’re going to make use of the worksheets once in a while, I won’t comment on it but if the kid is not guided properly to how and when to use them that is when it becomes a problem for the Parent and the child both.  

My kids simply enjoy worksheets.”  Actually, I always lovedworksheets as a kid.  My son loves them too. But what I think is we shouldn’t give our kids something just because they enjoy having it. We need to think a multiple time that Is it because they are easy, we are providing them to our kids or Is this a mindset that worksheets make them passive learners? So, I should encourage them. we need to think. I think it is interesting and is quite appealing for kids to adopt the different styles of learning. A fixed diet of worksheets can be boring but if it is interesting and activity based then it can add colours to the experiences of learning.

Written By-

Priyanka Ghosh

Transformational Coach 

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