May is Mental Health Awareness Month and to reflect on what they mean to you and your child is something really important.

For nearly one and a half years, most of our children have been navigating through the new, tough normal, communal isolation, parent’s constant intervention, financial ambiguity, classes from home and so on. Expert say while Covid-19 itself has immensely affected children’s physical health, also the studies have shown that it has now taken a toll on their mental health as well.

How do parents protect kids’ mental health during this uncertain and scary time?

Our kids have been soldiers as they have found their own ways of survival through the pandemic. But as they spend more days in seclusion, absorb disturbing news, and regulate distance learning, it’s obvious that life in quarantine for so long is a little too much for them. Emotions and diseases like depression, anxiety, fear, anger and resentment have gradually become a part of their life which is indeed not a good thing at all.

Let not Feel the kids lonely and disconnected. 

About four in 10 teens feel “more lonely than usual” right now, nearly the same number as those who say they feel “about as lonely as always.” And, even with texting and social media—which they turn to even more now-they miss close association with friends.

As a parent, I can say that for a child Family is more important than anything in this world. Teens and kids feel more connected to their families which are a natural phenomenon. We don’t have to do anything much, just watch a show, play a game, or take silly selfish with them and create an album which means spending good quality time with them. If your kids are using social media that’s also ok but yes in a disciplined way, we can let them use our phone to Face Time with a friend or well-wisher. You can even allow them to organise a video-chat with friends in their lives. Keeping these connections is also important and necessary.

Create novel ideas and set routines that provide a sense of stability. 

The only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy with our kids”

As a Parent, I suggest that regular family movie nights at home on Sundays should be planned, game tournaments with kids, video call chats with relatives and friends are supposed to be scheduled along with your children. Make mealtimes fun with your kids whether it is a breakfast, Lunch or dinner. Let kids pick ideas through the internet and help you plan them and do give them space to put up their ideas as well.

Is it possible to substitute a connection through learning?? 

“Child’s mental health is more important than grades”

There’s no doubt about the fact that schoolwork is taking a back seat right now. If I suggest that through the worksheets offered at Azotus, say that your kids are surely going to learn something extraordinary. If your kid’s extracurricular classes are continuing, please find out what more resources is Azotus offering for learning and connecting. The pictorial worksheets at Azotus are teaching your child motor skills, cognitive theories, activities based on what and How concepts in Science and so much more. For quick ideas check out the list of activities offered through worksheets for the kids available at Amazon.

Tell kids how you feel, and ask how they’re doing/Encourage Discussion.

Believe it or not – “A child’s mind is jam-packed with ideas and inventions”.

Only Look for positives. There may not be a silver lining to every cloud, but try to be optimistic always. Say, “A lot of people are acting like heroes to fight the corona virus. “Let’s us also find ways that can help us and others.” As a parent, I personally follow the strategy below, its best to engage the children into something constructive and challenging, go and get the amazing worksheets at Azotus from ( fix a time for the kids to solve the worksheets of Math/English/EVS /Science explain the chapter in a good healthy way and then challenge them. Tell your kids when something makes them mad or sad, and connect yourself to something which is challenging. Soak up the good/positive vibrations.

Written By-

Priyanka Ghosh

(Transformational Coach)

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