Great! if you are able to manage child’s online world without a conflict.

Be the kind Parent!!!

The Research advocates that the children mostly are more thoughtful and careful than adults who use internet/ online. The thing is most of them are good at navigating the internet judiciously, but often when they come across some distressing content, it’s not at all because they have been looking for it, but because they have found it by chance, or because a friend has sent it to them.

Young kids have handled a massive pressure this year, including apprehensions about the pandemic, isolation, social distancing and a change in the routine. Nevertheless, throughout this period the children’s screen time has risen significantly as they constantly tried to keep in touch with their friends for some or the other reason so as to catch up with their syllabus and all.

For parents like me who had been mostly worried for their child’s screen time even before the pandemic, the increased dependence on technology to stay connected and keep learning, may take time to a little settling.

It’s important to understand that the internet can offer enormous opportunities during this uncertain and unpredictable times. I, would as a Parent suggest that try not to worry too much about how much time they are spending online rather focus on how they can utilise their time in a way that would be safe and fruitful and positive for their mental health.

Can we have long talks with our children about the technology hazards?

“Don’t forget to spend time doing a constructive activity together.”

As a Parent, I would suggest you need not to meddle /quiz your child about every website they have logged in, but poking can make a huge difference in their behaviour and attitude towards you try making the conversation as normal and regular as discussing about weather, or something exciting you watched on television.

At Azotus we have almost all our solutions, as it offers us with a range of Interactive worksheets which are likely to keep our young ones busy as bee. The worksheets are completely concept based and the child simply needs to practise the exercises to understand the concept. The math worksheets and puzzles arranged according to levels at Azotus for the pre-schoolers, kindergarten till the fifth graders is of the finest quality. 

If you get a feeling that your child is accessing which is not at all appropriate for their age, give him a reason why you are saying this and also explain why you are thinking like this. If possible, make a decision that watching any such inappropriate thing won’t be acceptable till they grow up your child.

Let’s tell the child how to use the internet smartly.

I remember my mother use to explain me or make me understand the things in a form of a story, we must talk to our child about our experiences in the form of a story share with them the websites and apps you use the most explaining them why you love them so much. I also talk about my own not so good online experiences. If he feels stressed by the ‘perfect’ pictures’ friends share on social media, it might help them realise and understand that the ‘perfect’ pictures people shared on social media aren’t actually real. Inspire them to talk to you if they are stressed with this.

Good to set boundaries but the only way out is to lead by example.

Willingly or unwillingly children generally look up to their parents as their role models, so when I use my screens, it does influence their mind set because what you do is ‘very normal ‘for them. Let me give an example, if you check your phone continually at mealtimes or always sitting before your screen, then it is likely your kids copy you immediately without hesitation.

Ask your child about the websites and apps they love the most

“See the child innately wise and capable.”

Ask your child to tell you and explain you about their favourite apps, online games or websites. As a Parent, I believe that showing an interest in their design of the world can initiate conversation related to the questions you have for him. This joint search of their online choices will help you understand how they operation with the little understanding they have. It can be a better idea to feel that you don’t understand the modern technologies, social media or applications that your child is using but don’t ever ignore to get involved.You can also draw their attention towards worksheets.  To access the worksheets offered by Azotus of each grade, simply click on the amazon link and get your copy. The worksheets at Azotuswould definitely give a new dimension to your child’s thought process and compel him to solve them with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement.

Written By-

Priyanka Ghosh

(Transformational Coach)

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