“If children feel safe, they can take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, learn to trust, share their feelings, and grow”

Preschool is a gladsome age where the tiny tot’s mind is overflowing with always discovering new things. Nevertheless, at times it is impossible to arrest the attention of the kids and make them do something which needs concentration, especially when it comes to practicing alphabets numbers or concepts of EVS. At Azotus the worksheets are colourful, enticing and persuasive for the pre-schoolers. As a Parent, I believe that the worksheets are age appropriate and the content designing is truly captivating for the kids. There are worksheets for different age group and these hands-on worksheets sincerely guide your child to learn the fundamental concepts in an easier way.


As a guardian,I would say that the pure little kids experience a substantial measure of weight while exploring diverse subjects of the curriculum. Time and again, they attempt to remember and relate with the ideas and the concepts but eventually end up learning nothing much. In such a situation, the worksheets at Azotus give an astonishing method for comprehension of different concepts. Through worksheets, the learning background is even more practical especially for kids who dislike undergoing long stories and uninteresting stuff. Azotus offers such worksheets to enhance the comprehension skills in kids.


Persuading little ones to contemplate for long periods of time is the most troublesome undertakings as they have a confined ability to focus and grab. Thus, the time our kids figure out how to do a particular task and what to do about it is something a guardian should upon. Presently to influence these tiny tots and making them realize the academic importance is an exceptionally challenging job. Here are the practice worksheets which frequently enable the kids to comprehend ideas better.


In India, the preschool admissions start at the age of 2 to 3.5 year. At this level of age, the kids are at a very infant stage of learning, kids just start recognizing alphabets and numbers. As a Parent I can say this with surety that at this stage the kids also naturally develop their motor skills as they now love to hold the crayons. There are many worksheets available at Azotus which has pictures and information about fruits, animals, trees etc, attract the children and make them aware of the world around them.

As a Parent, I say that you just need to help the child hold onto the pencil and guide them to how to write. The kids enjoy to trace over and the parent can help him doing it. Preschool is an extraordinary process to familiarize kids with the splendid world of learning. It starts from shading the no. of products letter recognition and a group of synchronized activities. The truth is that at Azotus we have such a significant number of worksheets that can build up a week homework plan.


Let’s help our kids focus on all the 6 basic components of health that is physical, mental,social, emotional,spriritual,environmental.Everyday movement is necessary for kids and thereby determines the qualities to become a dynamic youngster. Exercise strengthens their bones and muscle being dynamic enables the kids to remain fitter and healthier. Worksheets and exercises at Azotus are solely intended to realise the significance of daily practise of foundational concepts in an extremely entertaining and positive way.Preschool, early childhood education you may call it anything but this set of premature learning experiences can shape a child’s whole life and also help him an intrinsically healthy child. Ask any kindergarten teacher and they will talk about their experiences when they actually witness their children grow how beautiful is the feeling. Let’s be careful.

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