The closing of schools has been a huge factor which has affected children in this pandemic in many ways. The school is a place where kids socialize, develop mentally, physically, and cognitively, and for few it’s a destination for entertainment underlined with few rules. When it comes to kids being resilient , here’s what according to the Centre on the Developing Child at Harvard University: “Some children develop resilience, while others do not. The combination of supportive relationships, adaptive skill-building, and positive experiences is the foundation of resilience.”

 While this pandemic is turning out to be a very baffling and challenging time for many, it is unquestionably giving humankind an exceptional opportunity to learn a few lessons in these challenging times. I believe these lessons will trigger a need of change in our perspective and help us think- What our children have taught us during the pandemic.

The value of stillness and patience.

Our lives were put on break, many were compelled to work from home, and we can’t even travel longer unless necessary. The children have instilled patience and poise in us as 24 hours we now need to fulfil their wishes either by carrot or a stick. It’s not very easy to always accept whatever chaos is happening around us but then this is what we have been taught.

So, with this, we have been given the power of stillness and the opportunity to slow down. There was no other situation other than this outbreak of virus where we would consciously think to pause. Although, we hope and pray we never should get this opportunity ever again in this life. As such this is the time to take a deep dive within and be still with your own self. Removing emotional blockages, heal the self and others, meditate, and surely practice yoga. Take this opportunity to do the inner engineering work that you previously never had time for. It’s time for personal transformation. We can now see a value in living a quieter and a peaceful life.

 Safety of kids has taught us to stay away from friends.

Probably the most difficult part of this journey for most people is being separated from friends, relatives, and maybe even a partner if required. I once heard someone say that “connection is something that all humans need, but we are just so very attached to our kids, children that we can now stay away from anything and anyone.

After this is over for the life time, I think people will reach out to others like never before and each one will be overjoyed to see / meet their loved ones once again and share our smiles and greetings like we once did. As a Parent I always wonder what best can I give my child which is helpful and resourceful for him, I explored a lot as a mother and then when I bought the set of worksheets available at Azotus through for subjects like Math/English/ EVS. I can say I am happy watching my kid enjoying those info-pictorial worksheets and then discussing them with me which is an integral part of learning.

 Kids have taught us to love nature even more.

Including myself, for many of us during a total lockdown, nature has been a life saver. Whether it’s about spending time in the garden, walking through a park, do gardening, growing food or simply put our head out of the window for some fresh air and sunlight, the calmness of nature has been something we can always depend upon. Nature never stops, and the truth is that we have now become more conscious about our lives because we have to live for our children and do anything for them, inculcating any good habit to survive. We will do rather than we all are doing.

Material goods mean nothing rather spending quality time with children is a treasure

 I have already mentioned with examples that this pandemic has forced us to completely reorganize our choices and priorities. Our children have taught us that What good are the material things when your family, health, safety, and access to food are at stake or jeopardized? They mean at times nothing which I think our children have taught us by their presence.

Since realizing this that the virus was going to be something very serious for the entire nation sooner or later, Azotus has come up with the idea of Worksheets which are quite interestingly colourful and very much doable, I have realised that my child is now independently doing things, reading the chapter so as to understand the worksheets exercises has never been his modus operandi earlier. I have rarely bought anything that isn’t absolutely useful or essential. And of course, these interactive worksheets have an exceptional attraction to them which motivates children to solve them.

What shall Be the Consequence of All This?

I think everyone is speculating what exactly will be the consequence of this crisis and whether we will really make changes in our ways and habits. Will we learn the lessons or go back to the methods we were using before? This is yet to be witnessed. However, as individuals we are capable of making our own choices and that will make all the difference.

Let us take a lesson from this situation that we need to preserve nature, to bring more stability into our lives, and never ever to take people, health and safety for granted.

Written By-

Priyanka Ghosh

(Transformational Coach)

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