What is Azotus?

Azotus provides a theme-based, age-relevant activity worksheets for 2-15-year-olds that combines Science of Learning and understanding with the Power of Play. The work sheets are designed in such a way along with the visual attractions that the child is unbelievably engrossed in solving it.
How are the worksheets/activities in the Azotus designed?
The opening point for us is identifying the core standards that layout skill and knowledge considering the levels of children for various age groups.The basic understanding of conceptual based topics for subjects like English,Science,Math is very important in a child’s initial stage of learning.The worksheets are designed in such a way that a deeper understanding of the concept is introduced to the children through activity based questions underlined with a fun quotient.
How can I be assured that my child learns something from the Azotus activities?
Azotus has been designed based on the principle of consolidative tutoring. The different branches of knowledge and skills depending on the subject have been taken into consideration in the designing of worksheets/activities which eventually allows the child to gain experiences and understand the concept .
Can my child self-reliantly play with the games or solve the worksheets ?
The game boxes/worksheets have been designed according the child’s age group. The children in the age group of 2-5 years will require some parental assistance while the older children would manage the activities on their own. The parental intervention would be required for the worksheets accordingly.

Purchases And Payments

How do I get the validation of my order?
There will be an email & SMS confirmation of the order to your registered email address & mobile number (RMN). In addition, you will get a payment confirmation message from .
How is the online payment executed?
We work with a third-party vendor called ………….collects payments on behalf of us & processes your Credit Card, Debit Card or Net banking for you. 

Is cash on delivery allowed for orders?
Yes, we do! If you select the “COD” on the final counter page. Cash on delivery is available. The pin code should be serviceable by our shipment partners.
What if my payment is successful but no receipt for order confirmation?
We do not have payment failures when the payment does not get credited immediately. In these cases, please call our Customer Support (0755-4276668 , 9770268818) or email us at enquire@azotus.co we will be happy to resolve the issue. Typically the funds will be released by the bank/payment vendor to you or to us. If it is released back to you, you will need to re-purchase the worksheets. If it is released to us, we will process & send out the order confirmation shortly after receipt of confirmation from the bank.

Shipping And Support

Do I need to pay extra charges for the shipping or is it free?
Yes, the shipping is absolutely free for you! You will need to pay the charges mentioned in the final order confirmation page, the taxes are inclusive.
How do you ship the worksheets/activity boxes?
The shipping is done using alleged courier companies for major cities & India Post when courier companies do not deliver to your pin code. Please reach out to us via phone (0755-4276668 , 9770268818) or email us at enquire@azotus.co and our Customer Service team will send you replacements.
How do we do to resolve the queries related to the worksheets?
Please refuse the delivery if the box has been visibly damaged. If the content inside the box is damaged, please reach out to us through phone or email.

Cancellations /Returns/Refunds

Do we have a cancellation policy?
Yes, you can cancel at any time. If you need to be convinced that your child will be benefitted then you can easily mail us and resolve the issue. A proper communication via mail or customer care support is requested before any cancellation..
Would there be a cancellation fee?
There is no cancellation fee if its done within the given period time(10 days).
How long will it take for the refund to reflect in the account?
Typically all refunds are processed within (7-10 )business days and refunded through the payment method.

Feed Back

How do I provide feedback?
Please send your feedback on the link mentioned below.