Child Mentoring with Dr. Bharti Venkatesh


Expertise:  Chief Psychologist Of Umang Wellness, Ahmedabad. Implementing Psychometric Test As An HR Tool For Profiling And Mapping The Leadership Skills As Well As Organizational Skills Specialized In Profiling And Mapping Of Behavioural Assessment Such As Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Children Apperception Test (CAT), And Many More Psychometric Tests. An Associate Professor Of School Of Liberal Studies, Avantika University, Ujjain A Recipient Of Women Achievement Award, 2020
Experience:  24+ Years In The Education Industry
Qualification:  Postdoc., (FLAME, Pune); Ph.D. Psychology, (GU); MA Psychology, (GU)


Our expert online counseling for children benefits them in many ways. Psychologist for children plays a huge role in solving issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. The benefits of mentoring for kids cater to their overall cognitive development & cultivates a progressive thinking mindset.


We, at AZOTUS, believe that experiential learning is an integral part of a child’s upbringing. need a platform to unleash their creativity, to understand and appreciate the learning through reflection of doing. We believe in providing an all-inclusive environment to the students, necessary for their wholesome development. We have a clear vision to be a source of Practical based learning for a child’s mental growth thereby creating a hub for them to observe, learn and explore their inner capabilities.


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